Medieval Midhurst, a summer’s evening, a perfect place to visit.

A lovely image of medieval Midhurst, captured by local resident and artist Jeanette Sutton while enjoying a late cup of tea at Garton’s Coffee Shop in the Midhurst Town Square, only yesterday evening.

Midhurst Town SquareIt shows two of the most iconic buildings in Midhurst.  The black and white one on the right dates from 1430.  That is, it was standing here during the Wars of the Roses, long before Columbus sailed for the New World.  It is the Spread Eagle Hotel, which features prominently in Anya Seton’s iconic novel based in Midhurst, Green Darkness.

The other building, with its striking diagonal brickwork typical of the early Tudor period, dates from slightly later, probably the end of the 15th century.  It is the old Midhurst Market Hall, and has been a Temperance Hotel in its time.  Midhurst Grammar School was established in its upper floor in 1672, during the reign of Charles II.  It is now an annex to the Spread Eagle.

Midhurst, historic heart of the South Downs National Park – well worth a visit.

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  1. Will says:

    The Medieval Midhurst is well worth a visit, especially in the summer

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