The Exclusive Cake Shop & Vintage Tea Rooms, Midhurst

The Exclusive Cake Shop and Vintage Tea Rooms is the newest and surely the prettiest Tea Shop in Midhurst.  In fact, it bids fair to be one of the prettiest in the entire country, I would say.

The whole shop is pretty.

The tables are pretty (the flowers are by Global Flowers, just across the street).

And so are its signature cupcakes.

For example:


And how about these?

There are also unusual and speciality cakes, like these lovely cake lollies, for kiddie parties.

And, way at the other end of the party/cake spectrum, check out this wedding cake:

However, the Vintage Tea Rooms is not just a pretty face.  There is substance too. The cakes are really good, freshly baked and decorated every day.  And all the food is made from locally produced ingredients, organic as much as possible (eggs from Rookery Farm for example).  Carole, the owner, is right there in the kitchen (which is also rather pretty), weaving her magic.  And her team of staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

I can personally vouch for the cupcakes – I have tried almost every flavour (in the mini size!).

The Vintage Tea Rooms also does light lunches and the whole waitress-service afternoon tea thing. Here is what I had one day – with a delicious slice of warm Bar Brith (a spicy Welsh tea-bread).  I chose from a good selection of teas in the interesting menu, and it was made with loose tea-leaves.  Definitely a good cuppa.

Pretty delicious!

Well worth a visit!


P.S.  Carole also does workshops, a bespoke service and tea-time hampers.   Good luck to her and her staff!

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3 Responses to The Exclusive Cake Shop & Vintage Tea Rooms, Midhurst

  1. What a fantastic place! This is a great post with gorgeous photos, what an utterly delightful tearoom. You’ve sold Midhurst to me!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Lorna, thanks so much for your comment. Midhurst certainly is a delight!

  3. Vickii Scott says:

    This looks so pretty and very delicious! How I wish we could zap over there for a flying visit to meet you for tea and see your new B&B. Ah well – hopefully we’ll get there in the next couple of years.
    Much love

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