There is a Pillow Menu in Each Bedroom

Two Rose Cottages may be a small Bed and Breakfast, but we have tried to make it seriously comfortable. This means that there is plenty of choice, because we all experience comfort in different ways.

A recent review of this Midhurst B and B on Tripadvisor appreciated the “pillow menu” in our bedrooms, so we though we would share it with you.

Midhurst South Downs bed and breakfast accommodation

Our pillow (and blanket) menu:

  1. On the bed is a flat and a firmer pillow for each person, which may be used either singly or together.
  2. In the cupboard over the alcove as a further flat and firmer pillow, in case you prefer to combine two flat or two firm pillows.
  3. In the wardrobe you will find a memory foam pillow, for those who like firm, yet extremely comfortable support, shaped to your own anatomy.
  4. There is also an organic buckwheat pillow, which also conforms to your anatomy and provides firm support. Some people find the memory foam rather warm, while the buckwheat pillow is cool as the air can circulate through it.
  5. The large Oxford pillows in the Cobden Room, and the orthopedic pillows in the Wells Room, are provided as extra comfort for reading or watching TV, and may be particularly helpful for anyone who needs positional support while resting or sleeping.
  6.  The duvet is 4.0 tog grade (whatever that is), chosen because it provides a good level of warmth for most times of the year.
  7. For light extra warmth please use the linen bedspread over the duvet (it is actually a linen sheet, and we chose it because it is not only beautiful, but can be laundered with all the other bedding between each guest visit).
  8. For greater warmth there is a cotton blanket in a box under the bed.
  9. Of course, for even greater warmth you can use both together, with the duvet.
  10. On summer nights guests may find that the linen bedspread alone will give sufficient warmth.
  11. All mattresses, pillows and bedding are completely hypo-allergenic.

All this adds up to at eight comfort options for the pillows and seven for the blankets (and perhaps you will find more)

Sleep well, and sweet dreams !


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One Response to There is a Pillow Menu in Each Bedroom

  1. Andrew says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of a pillow menu and I think it’s really cool. So much to choose, pillows to cuddle, nice.

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